Programming Help

We can assist you with programming needs. Our expertise include:

  • Web programming in Perl, PHP, LAMP environments, MySQL and D3 backends
  • Pick BASIC programming
  • Postscript templates for invoices (PDFs and sending to printers)
  • Android applications in Java with D3 and MySQL backends
  • EDI interfaces
  • Credit card interfaces
  • Custom monitoring to text message scripts

System Administration Help

We provide:

  • Linux and AIX system administration assistance
  • Backup strategies
  • Server and network monitoring
  • Internet Security
  • Pick and D3 data encryption
  • Linux and D3 installation
  • Network and firewall troubleshooting
  • Email problem troubleshooting

D3 Help

We can assist you with:

  • Installing D3 with Linux
  • Installing D3 patches
  • Creating a backup strategy
  • Providing our FTP servers for remote file-save storage
  • BASIC Programming
  • Connecting D3 to your website
  • Printer troubleshooting


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