Web Application Server

This product allows you to access your D3 data live from your website.

Just click on a web page and have it run a Pick BASIC subroutine. Turn your D3 system into a Web Form Processing Server. Your Pick database will use one or more phantom ports to process connections from a web server.

You never have to leave BASIC.

Our Web Application Server only runs in D3 environments (D3/Linux, D3/AIX, D3/Windows).

Automatic Load Balancing, Monitoring and Failover Recovery

If a database connector (running as a phantom) goes into the debugger, this condition is detected and routed
around automatically. If this port comes back online, it will be detected also and put back into service by the front end automatically.

If enough database connectors go offline you will be alerted via text message.

Native PHP to D3 Support

Now we support accessing D3 from the PHP scripting language. Read more about it here.

Mobile Interface

Some customers have used PHP to access D3 data and return it in a special format for use by mobile application communications. Android and iPhone platforms have web clients that can perform GET and POST operations to exchange data with D3 systems.

Web Examples in Pick BASIC

Determining if form data is present in BASIC
Echoing Form Data back to Browser in BASIC
Setting a Shopping Cart Cookie on Browser in BASIC
Retrieving Shopping Cart cookie from a Browser in BASIC
Set two cookies on web browser, now
Show current ENVironment variables
PHP to D3 information


Why do I get the message ‘Script not associated with a subroutine’

This message is returned by the Pick phantom processĀ  WEBSERVER. It is telling you that it did not know what Pick subroutine to call.

Are you sure this subroutine was compiled properly? Is it cataloged?

If you are using CGI not PHP, this could be caused by a missing attribute in the PROPERTIES file. See the SCRIPTS item. Each attribute in the SCRIPTS record represents 2 values that control routing a URL to a Pick BASIC subroutine. One value is for the web URL and one value is for the cataloged Basic program to run.

If using PHP you do not need to update the SCRIPTS item. It is not used. PHP can call D3 Subroutines directly by cataloged item-id.

Does it run on D3/Windows?

Yes, the Web Application Server can run with D3/Windows on the back end. For the front end you may use Apache or IIS.

Does it work with Word Press?


Our Web Application server works with Word Press. Just make sure you use the “global $d3” statement in PHP.

Does it use D3 Licenses?

Yes. The Web Application Server uses some D3 Licenses.

When you boot your D3 system, we take a set of licenses and hold them by starting up some phantom jobs.
This ensures we never fail to connect because all licenses are in use. This avoids any “Internet surges”
or too many employees working at the same time.

We recommend at least 2 licenses with an average of 5 for most environments.

One very large client uses 115 D3 licenses and handles 6 million subroutine calls a day with it.