We have a monitoring system that can help you stay alerted to any change you wish to watch. If your environment goes down we can both be texted. This includes if your mail server gets attacked, database server stops running, web server slows to a crawl, etc.

Custom Monitoring

We can write programs and scripts to monitor any kind of condition and alert you with a text message.

Even the smallest or heavily embedded situation can be monitored. Just ask us what you want to be alerted to.

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Monitoring your D3 Master and Slave connection

We currently have a method to monitor your D3 environment’s master and slave connection. When they get disconnected the queue of changes grows. If the master queue grows beyond a certain number of frames we can generate an alert. Receiving an alert will prevent you running out of disk space inside your D3 database.

Our method handles “false positives” to not turn into text messages as the queue grows and shrinks in normal daily activities.