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Use sftppush to send a file securely to an sftp server in a completely automated way.


  • Can be used with a password or preshared keys for complete automation
  • Can use a custom port not the default port 22 if desired
  • Can change to a directory after logging in before uploading the file
  • Requires Linux and Perl
  • Tested on CentOS 6.x, SL 6.x, RHEL 6.x


  sftppush -f /path/to/file
  sftppush -v -f /path/to/file
  sftppush -h

Use the -h option for the online help page of all the options available.

sftppush -h
sftppush usage:

   sftppush [-hvV] -u user -p password -s -f /path/to/file

   Upload a file to an sftp server (ssh)


     -f filename            file to upload
     -s      hostname of ftp server
     -u userid              login with userid to ftp server
     -p password            login with password not preshared keys
     -o port                sftp port, default 22
     -a                     send in ascii mode, defaults to binary
     -r remotedirectory     change to this directory on ftp server
     -v                     verbose mode
     -V                     show version (currently 2.0)

   If password is not specified then it requires preshared keys
     ssh-keygen -t dsa
     on remote machine:
     cat >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys

   Note: If password is specified on the command line and includes symbols,
   surround it with single quotes.

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