PHP to D3

Generate web pages from D3 with our Web Application Server. It now supports PHP to D3 connectivity. Call D3 subroutines directly from PHP on your website!

Need help programming it? We provide this service. We have built shopping carts in PHP with D3 as the back end database for clients.

Email from D3

Send Internet emails directly from your D3 Basic application using our Email Gateway.

Include attachments too! Our gateway renders PDFs and excel spreadsheets on D3/Linux. Email your clients PDF Invoices with your logo, Send them Excel spreadsheets with formulas.

D3 Backup

Let our D3Backup software automate your file-save on D3/Linux or D3/AIX.

It saves your data to a virtual tape drive. After it finishes, it will archive it, scan for GFE's, email you the results, and even FTP it to another server if you like.

It even stores the file-save listing to a web page. It can be set to run after a nightly job finishes or at a specific time.