Automate the “double login” problem on your D3 Linux or D3 AIX system. Force your users onto certain D3 ports. Automatically clear stuck ports the next time they log in.

This product does a great job of controlling your users. Throw your user right into their menu. Theynever see the double login.

Here’s a list of features:

  • Assign a user a port or a set of ports
  • Let a user choose a port from his list of ports
  • Let a user get the next available port, either from his list or from all ports
  • Assign a name to each port, like “Accounting 1” or “Cash Register 2”
  • Use our web interface to manage your users and port names
  • Automatically clear a stuck port
  • Create and delete users without knowing commands in Linux or AIX



Use the operating systems built in tracking, logging and hacker defense systems rather than bypassing all that and going right to telnet into D3. This is a security risk you no longer have to leave open.

Linux can allow or deny access to ssh and telnet via IP address. They also track how long you have been logged in. These features are very important these days with all the hacker activity out there. Don’t bypass these features.

Automatically Clear A Stuck Port

We have a “steal port” mechanism that can be turned on, that will logoff a port that appears to be in use and give it to you when you log in. This works best if you are assigned a port that is all your own or a range that is all your own.

So, if you get disconnected or dropped and your port is jammed up, this feature can fix it without first calling your system administrator.

Multiple Ports

Users can have one login userid and still have access to multiple ports. And with our “steal port” feature you can logoff a stuck port and not bother your system admin.