D3 Email Gateway

The Email Gateway  is a real time Internet email delivery and retrieval system. The D3 system will be able to send pick records as emails from a TCL command. The Email Gateway can send text emails and HTML emails. It can render and attach PDF documents, binary Excel documents and any other textual type document.

Currently supported in D3 on Linux, AIX and Windows operating systems. Adobe PDF rendering of attachments is supported the same way on all three operating systems. 

Some clients have combined the Web Application Server and Email Gateway together to track if a customer has read a specific email message.


Common Uses

  • Send invoices as email attachments
  • Send out text messages via email to alert customers or employees of statuses
  • Mass email customers
  • Send out excel spreadsheet attachments or tab delimited files
  • Send out confirmations to customers via email
  • Use the PDF rendering process to print documents instead of email them


Do I Need A Mail Server?

Yes. The D3 Email Gateway is not a mail server. It interfaces with existing mail servers.

Your D3 system uses our Email Gateway to send an email. Our TCL command SENDREC will take the D3 record and hand it off to your mail server.

You also must make sure your mail server trusts the IP Address of your D3 system. If you cannot do this then you must provide the SENDREC command with a userid and password to authenticate with on your mail server.