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  Pathfinders Software
  701 S. Grant Street
  San Mateo, CA 94402
  Ph : 650 343-4571
  Fax: 650 343-4675

  Multivalue Ring Member
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Internet for Pick, Universe and Unidata

For Pick

Connect your Multivalue system to the Internet.
Generate Internet emails from your Pick application. Compose Internet email on your dumb terminals. Generate web pages from D3 with our Web Application Server. It now supports PHP to D3 connectivity. We also specialize in Linux consulting.
Now available: D3 Backup 3.14
Automatically run D3/Linux file-saves nightly to a virtual tape drive. After it finishes, it will archive it, scan for GFE's, email you the results, and even FTP it to another server if you like. All configured with a BASIC program. You can watch the live file-save running in the background or view the file listing output at any time.
We are proud to sponsor the NCPU Home Page.

When you host your website with us all you need is a web browser. Configure your domain, add mailboxes and even read your email online!
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